Hot Water Tank Calgary

Calgary Hot Water Tank Service!

Is Your Hot Water Cold or Lukewarm?

If you’ve lived in Alberta more then a week you know hot water is important! We love Canada but we also love our hot water too. The most common hot water tank in Calgary homes is the standard conventional type, which doesn’t require very much maintenance. Generally lasting on average about 10 to 15 years. If yours is approximately this age, you may decided to replace it. If not, let us help you maintain or repair it. Our team would be happy to help you, give us a call!

Water Heater Tank Tune Ups & Repairs

Let us spruce up your Water Heater, and make your shower run right again! These are a few things that we can do on your hot water tank for a good Tune Up.

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  • We Will Flush The Tank To Clear Sediment Off The Bottom.
  • Vacuum The Burner Compartment and Cleaning The Flame Sensor and Pilot Tubing to Help Make Your Tank Run More Effectively.
  • Any Other Concerns Will Be Brought To Your Attention and Assessed For Further Action By Our Technician.