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Hot Water Tank Installs

Is Your Family In Need of a Affordable Hot Water Tank?

If your water heater is in bad shape or in serious condition, let us complete a thorough diagnostic to find out what is the best choice, repair or replace. If your home needs a new hot water tank installed we’re glad to service you with new options. Northern Wind does professional inspections of the home and your water heater, to get the correct size that matches well with your house. Our water heaters are from a brand that has been around for decades, and we know they are the best choice. Our free upfront pricing helps to get an estimated cost before any work takes place. Please look at our Bradford White models and give us a call! to learn more.

What Else Should I Consider For My Investment? 

There are normal factors that each family should consider before getting a new hot water tank installed. Such as whether to purchase a standard hot water tank or a more efficient tankless style. How much money will your family save depending on different makes or do you just need a repair. Northern wind walks you through each step and gives you the information you need for the right

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  • What Is The Age of Your Current Water Heater?
  • Is It Worth Investing Money on Repairing an Old Appliance?
  • Tankless Water Heaters Are 30% More Efficient But Cost Two Or Three Times As Much To Install.
  • Finally Would You Like To Relocate Your New Hot Water Heater?

Reliable Performance & Great Home Comfort

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Why We Love To Install Bradford White Hot Water Tanks In Calgary Homes

Bradford White water heaters are a great choice for our customers because they are made to last with durable parts and materials. They are built in North America and shipped internationally around the world. More importantly is the care and engineering that goes into making these water heaters, some of the best in the industry. Water can eat through the steel of the tank, due to bad lining, that’s why all Bradford White water tanks are lined with Vitraglas to give it unsurpassed protection.

Noteworthy as well, are the water lines entering the tank.  Using Hydro-Jet technology, which reduces the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank, improving efficiency. Finally they have incorporated the Defender Safety System into their gas valve operation. This safety device shutdowns the water heater if any flammable vapors are detected in the vicinity of the appliance.  All of this is matched with a 6 year parts warranty to our customers. This is why Bradford White is our selection when choosing a great long lasting water heater. Get Yours Installed Today!