Calgary Furnace Repairs and Tune Ups

Calgary Furnace Repairs & Tune Ups!

The Sound of a Good Tune Up Is On It’s Way!

A great tune up can be thought of as a trip to the family doctor.  Great inspections and servicing will identify possible costly repairs to your furnace and air conditioner. We want your heating working right and efficiently.  Tune ups can extend the life of your heating & cooling systems in the home.

 Call us today for a professional inspection!

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                    Furnace Not Working? Need a Repair? Contact Northern Wind                and We Will Be There!

You only need to give us a call and we can have a qualified service technician over to your house promptly. We only charge a small diagnostic fee of 69 dollars, which includes us driving out to your house and doing a full comprehensive diagnostic on the furnace. No extra fees apply and we find out exactly what is wrong with your furnace or your money back. Our technician will give you a clear cost of the repair needed and you decided whether you want to approve it or not. After that, our price doesn’t change and we only leave the home once everything is running smoothly. For peace of mind, there is always one year warranty on all of our repairs.


Furnace Repairs In The City Of Calgary Is What We Do Best! 

Our technician will go over all of the details of choosing a new appliance over repairing the old one. Many times a simple repair is all that is needed to fix the problem. When that is not the case, deciding on repairing or buying new one is not always so cut and dry. There are different factors that can come in to play.  But at Northern Wind we like to say, “The more information for the customer is always best”.  That’s exactly what we do, and then we let you decided.