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When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Ducts?

In Home Duct Cleaning Starting at $129 For The First Ten Vents

Includes The Cleaning of The Furnace Fan, Heat Exchanger and A/C Coil.

An Average Time To Clean Your Ducts Is Once Every 2 To 3 Years. If Allergies Are A Concern, Pets In The Home, Or Living In A Neighbourhood With Heavy Construction Going On. A Home Owner May Wish To Clean More Often. It Is Also A Good Idea To Get Your Ducts Cleaned After A Major Renovation Has Been Done. Get Your Ducts Cleaned By Northern Wind Duct Cleaning Services Today.

How We Service and Clean Your Ducts

Our Calgary duct cleaning technicians are thorough on the job.  We use a high powered variable speed vacuum to suck up the dust near the furnace, while at the same time blowing 170 PSI of compressed air down each register individually.  After that we clean each trunk length in the home with the skipper line, blowing back the dust towards our vacuum.  Leaving the house fresh and clean.  We also clean the furnace fan, heat exchanger, and A/C coil. Getting your ducts cleaned can increase your furnace efficiency, depending on how dirty you system is. Replacing your furnace filter once every three months can cut down on dust in your home. Please feel free to contact Northern Wind for your duct cleaning needs!


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What Are Some Of The Other Benefits To Duct Cleaning?

1.  Makes a home a cleaner living environment. Dust in the home recirculates and lands on shelves, coffee tables and flooring.  What nuisance!  Dust gets pushed around and re-lands on everything. Cut down on interior cleaning by getting rid of the duct debris that recirculate in your home. Clean ducts make a clean house.

2. Greatly lowers the allergens and irritants in the home. People with allergies and asthma are sensitive to certain particles that are airborne in the home. Things like pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mildew, mold spores and similar irritants can be harmful. Servicing your ducts drastically cuts these micro-organisms down and makes a much more cleaner and healthier living environment.


3. Get rid of smells and odors. Pets, mold, tobacco, food preparation and dust that has sat in the ducts for years and years creating stale undesirable smells in the home. Cleaning the ducts certainly helps a lot, but if you really want to get rid of those stubborn smells, you could opt for our deodorizing/sanitizing agent to really destroy those old odors. Get your ducts clean by Northern Wind Calgary duct cleaning service.

4.  Improved air flow and system efficiency. The ducts, registers, furnace heat exchanger, A/C coil and furnace fan can all have a large build up of dust and grime over time. At Northern Wind, we clean all of these components for you during your duct cleaning. Resulting in a more efficient running furnace and air conditioner, as well as better and cleaner air flow in your home.