Calgary A/C Tune Ups By Northern Wind

Get Professional A/C Tune Ups In The City of Calgary. 

Did You Know
A/C Tune Ups Help Prevent Asthma?


Super hot days aren’t very fun. Let us turn your house into a comfortable oasis!  A/C tune ups can be thought of as a trip to the family doctor. Great inspections and servicing will identify possible breakdowns to your Air Conditioner.  We want your home to have awesome cooling, that’s working right and efficiently.  An A/C tune up will extend the life of the cooling system in your home.

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Getting An Air Conditioner Tune Up Will Help Your Family Avoid Pricey Repairs

Getting the occasional tune up on your A/C can save you in the long run. The compressor is the heart of the A/C system (located in the condensing unit outside). We want electrical components operating properly, adequate air flow, and pressures in the system running normally. This will help the compressor last longer and prolong your investment. If the compressor gets seized or shorted, there is nothing left to do but change out the compressor or replace the system. So doing routine maintenance is a smart approach to avoid these failures. Northern Wind A/C tune ups help families in the city of Calgary everyday. 


Why Choose Northern Wind  

People choose Northern Wind because of the care and pride that goes into our work. Our dedication to customer service is backed by a Red Seal Certification in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade. So you can expect the highest quality of professionalism when choosing us to service your equipment. Our team looks forward to servicing your home and fixing up your air conditioner so your week goes smooth. Contact us and speak to our friendly staff!