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Northern Wind A/C Services, Keeps You Cool Like A Mountain Breeze!

We love helping Calgarians and the communities around the city. When your air conditioner is breaking down, Northern Wind is here to help keep you cool. If you need a good service repair, our mechanic will be happy to serve you with any of your technical needs or concerns.

A Great Air Conditioner Repair! 

A wrecked or broken air conditioner can put you in a bad mood. We want your home to be awesome like you are!  Day or night, call to schedule a A/C service repair and our expert technicians will be there to help. We want to make your home nice and comfy. By choosing  Northern Wind you will benefit from: 

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  • Clear And Easy To Understand Repair Pricing
  • Thorough Diagnostic On Your Entire System
  • Efficient Repair To Get Your A/C Working Again Soon


Great  AC Tune Ups!

Don’t risk a bad year of air conditioning, make sure your A/C is working at prime efficiency and sustainability.  Getting regular tune ups with Northern Wind will give you a:

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  • Multi Point Inspection, Checking The Key Areas Of Your A/C Unit.
  • Knowledgeable Technicians To Answer Any Of Your Questions And Address Problematic A/C Parts.
  • You Keep A Copy Of The Inspection Sheet For Future Reference.
  • A Flat Price With No Extra Fees.

undefinedWhat Are The Benefits?

Getting An Air Conditioner Tune Up Is Important Because It Will Help Prevent Future Problems Along The Road With Your A/C. 

  • Prolong The Life Span Of Your A/C.
  • Runs More Efficiently Cutting Down On Electrical Cost.
  • Reduce The Chance Of Necessary Repairs.

How A/C Tune Ups Work

An air conditioner tune up is beneficial because it reduces strain on the compressor by lowering the pressures and temperatures of the system internally, this makes your A/C last longer. This is accomplished by blowing out both the inside and outside coils and clearing them of dirt and debri. We clear drain lines of common blockages, check refrigerant levels to ensure it is properly balanced and running efficiently, and important electrical components are also evaluated to avoid costly future repairs.  After the thorough inspection and cleaning is completed with the air conditioning tune up, our technician will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give helpful suggestions in care of your system. We look forward to servicing you A/C. Please give us a call today.

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