Calgary A/C Install

Get a Great A/C Install In
The City Of Calgary!

An Air Conditioner Is A Great Addition To Your Home.  Northern Wind Will Save You Money And From A Heat Wave!

If you have never had an A/C or your current A/C is in bad shape, Northern Wind would love to give you a new experience!  We know keeping your house at a comfortable temperature is important to you and we would be glad to service you with different options. Our team does a professional inspection on your house.  Sizing the heat load of the home by checking the insulation value on all the walls and ceilings, and by the types of windows that are present. As a result, we are able to know how much cooling is needed for your home and what size A/C you will need.  You get you the best price for the new system because we don’t oversize the unit and therefore over-charge the customer, which is common in the industry.  No, we size the correct one to match your home.

Our air conditioners are from trusted brands that have been around for decades. Another great benefit is our free upfront pricing.  Customers get an estimated cost before any work takes place. Our A/C installs are the best bang for your buck! Give us call today for a free quote! 


What Else Should I Consider For My A/C Install?

Man install a A/C, Northern Wind worker installing A/C

  • Look In Your Yard And Where You Want The Outdoor Condensing Unit To Go, Our Sales Technician Can Help You In This Regard
  • Getting A Winter Cover, New Thermostat, Or Humidifier To Go Along With The A/C Are Good Things To Consider
  • Have Confidence That All Of Our A/C Installs Are Done Up To Code And Are Inspected By The City Of Calgary.

Made To Keep You Cool 


black Air conditioner,two black good man conditioners,Good man Black A/C unit

Goodman is one of the biggest names in the residential industry when it comes to heating and cooling. They have been around since 1975 and were founded in Houston Texas. High quality durable materials are used in the manufacturing of their air conditioning equipment.

They include hail guards on all their units, factory installed liquid line filter dryers to absorb contaminates and moisture inside the system, and internal overloads if the compressor is worked to hard.  Painted with a powdered coating that is electrostatically applied and cured under heat to form a protective finish. This process provides great durability and UV protection from the outdoors.

All Goodman equipment comes with a 10 year parts warranty. So you can rest cool and easy knowing that we have you covered. Get your A/C install with Northern Wind today.